The perfect sound,
the best for music!

50 years of experience

Italian quality

Novaudio® is a handmade loudspeaker manufacturer based in Salento, Italy.

Audiophile Sound

The classic style, the natural and never fatiguing sound makes our speakers the choice of the most demanding audiophiles.

Loudspeaker Design

Novaudio’s USP lies in the exceptional attention to detail on all its products in terms of both sound and design.

Certified Sound

The high expectations that consumers have for “Made in Italy” products are surpassed.

Italian quality Loudspeakers

With over 50 years of experience in the Hi-Fi industry, we know that reaching the highest possible quality standards whilst providing excellent value for money requires artisanal small series production, carried out with: knowledge, skill, and genuine passion.

Material selection & Sustainability

The speaker cabinets meet the highest Italian quality standards and keeping all elements of production in Salento allows us also to be a green business. Material selection and sustainability are important to us.

Recycle to new life

The olive-wood finish option on the “Classic Eight” uses recycled wood from local trees devastated by the recent Xilella infection, giving new life both to the wood and the olive farmers.

Technology & Quality

With quality being key, our drivers are sourced solely form market leaders.
The crossover is hand-welded point-to-point and elastomerically bonded to a decoupled stand using audiophile-quality components.

Three ways floor standing loudspeaker closed box

Rare sound experience, relaxing sound, the queen of music.

Two ways bookshelf loudspeaker closed box

The magic of the two-way speaker in pneumatic suspension.

Two ways floor standing loudspeaker closed box

The magic of the two-way speaker in pneumatic suspension.

Bass reflex loudspeaker
full range

Small masterpiece of technology.

Player wireless Bluetooth

Advanced technology in a solid, seasoned walnut wood frame.

Console player wireless Bluetooth

Technologically advanced wireless player in a fine wood structure.